CellModeller is a Python-based framework for modelling large-scale multi-cellular systems, such as biofilms, plant and animal tissue. We have developed models of cellular biophysics, gene regulation and other intracellular processes, and intercellular signalling. The idea of CellModeller is to create a system to simulate these models together in populations of growing and dividing cells.

CellModeller is open source and on Github. We're keen to get people involved, so please fork, pull-request, etc. You can also talk to us on the googlegroup.


Quick start

Download the installer (OSX, Linux), double click to extract, and then double click InstallCellModeller (on Linux, run the InstallCellModeller.sh script). Then open Terminal and:

$ cmgui

You can now load and run models, take a look at the user guide and examples (also in ~/cellmodeller/Examples).

Or you can work directly in Python:

$ cmpython

Take a look at the batch script (cellmodeller/Scripts/batch.py) to see a simple example.